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You Ain’t Artsier Than Me…

You Ain’t Artsier Than Me…
Cause you wait 5 hours for a limited tee!


San Francisco, CA, 8/30/08 – So this morning I stumble out of my compartment in TL Heights pretty haggard from a night in the Mish with a serious breakfast crepe and triple latte on the mind and I see a good 50 people waiting in line in front of one of the newer street apparel boutiques, The Hundreds, which is actually a tight shop with its cave-like aesthetic so I stroll up to the front of the line and ask the young Filipino girl with flannel shit, tight jeans, and Nikes what the deal is and she responds, “They’re releasing a new hat yo!” So my question now isn’t what the barnacle parade is doing, but why? I understand that you’re cooler than everyone else if you have gear they don’t, but that fact that you and your whole crew are sitting out there like 16 year olds at the DMV all waiting to buy the same fucking hat kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Now you and all your brand whore friends can sport that extremely simple yet overly priced hat together and feel way cooler than the rest of society who doesn’t give a fuck… Yes!

Get Yours or Go Home…


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Thoughts on Shawne Merriman

Shawne Merriman and Hugh's Kendra

Shawne Merriman and Kendra Wilkinson

As one of the most feared outside linebackers in the world, 3-time pro-bowler Shawne Merriman is foregoing major knee surgery to play a season of football and risk his future as an NFL player to pursue dreams of Super Bowl glory. Personally, I love the passion and selflessness of the decision, but it does not mean that I cannot question it. As a former athlete and true competitor, I am well aware of the horrors of sitting on the sideline wishing you could help your team win. It truly sucks butt and I would do anything to avoid it. As a fairly practical and logical human being, I do not see the reward being truly worth the risk, when the risk means the termination of your career. If it were just about money, I would understand, but this injury could keep him outside the lines for good. Speaking of money, in 2010, Merriman will be a free agent and free to take a job from the highest bidder. This makes things very interesting because if he had decided to have surgery now, he would be well on his way to one hundred percent by the time the 2009 season starts. With a healthy knee and a year of rest under him, Merriman would be able to play his balls off and get top dollar from any team the following year. A lot of players actually choose this route to ensure their financial future by signing a big contract following a good year. Shawne Merriman has instead decided to have surgery following the ’08 football season, which means with an estimated 9 months of rehab, his knee would be ready to go right around the second month of the 2009 season, whether or not he won a Super Bowl. Given his knee is perfect by then, he will have missed at least 4 games and have to settle for numbers from only 12 games in a contract year. This situation is not attractive to anyone, but the fact that Merriman is putting it all on the line for ’08 speaks volumes of his dedication and his recklessness. One cannot describe the motivation and inspiration for making such an important decision. I wish him all the best and cannot wait to see what unfolds as I will be watching every Sunday to support him and the team. Bolts!!


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