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Can’t Stand the Heat…?

Can’t Stand the Heat…?
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San Francisco, CA, 9/21/08 – Dichotomy and juxtaposition are the essence of living on Post and Taylor in SF. Two blocks south you have crack heads, prostitutes, and the gangbangers of the Tenderloin. Two blocks north you have the pompous restaurant connoisseurs of upper Nob Hill. Two blocks east you have the clueless tourists of the Union Square hotels. And it’s all flooded with art students, restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries, and boutiques. That being said, when living here you’re forced to consume an auditory smorgasbord 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Everything from your expected honking, to the drunken screams of twenty-somethings, mentally-ill homeless vets with turrets, construction, loud questionable bangs, but far and away the most common auditory experience comes in the form of sirens. However, this morning a little after 4am it wasn’t sirens that woke us from our peaceful slumber, but a very loud alarm from inside our apartment hallway. I immediately ran to the front windows and saw a street full of firemen, their equipment, and a large latter extending up to a building just a few doors down with smoke spewing out. Relieved that our building wasn’t the object of attention, my curiosity still forced me downstairs and out into the street with many other fascinated onlookers. Luckily, the building didn’t burn to the ground or anything, but it did displace six people and one firefighter was injured by falling debris. Seeing these dudes at work was impressive, and made me really appreciate the fact that there are people out there that are willing to put there lives on the line for poor schmucks like me and you. Not that there is even the slightest comparison, but seeing that shit go down last night made me think of 9/11 and how dope firefighters and paramedics are. Not to say that pigs don’t put their lives on the line for complete strangers, but when was the last time you heard about a corrupt firefighter or EMT? And if you’ve ever gotten an open container ticket by a dude wearing a helmet and oxygen tank, let me know and I’ll tell you you’re a fucking liar.

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