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The Rex Streak

jimromewaltonJim Rome recently completed a 20-show streak of interviewing people named Rex. Funny as it sounds, it was actually a very intriguing and unique idea that spawned all kinds of new talking points for the nationally syndicated radio host. Whether it was the new coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, or the senior wrestler at Michigan State, Rex Kendle, they were almost all good and informative interviews. Some notable names that were not sports-related were Rex Brown, bassist of Pantera, Rex Lee of Entourage, and Rex Walheim, NASA astronaut. Compelling doesn’t quite describe most of these interviews, but a few gems were definitely found amongst the duds.

Anyway, the point of this is to explain my admiration for Rome and the way he can turn an ordinary sports talk show into a forum for creative banter. If you have never listened to him, it is worth the time as he can inform you and make you laugh with ease. His knowledge of sports is unmatched and although he never talks about soccer and admits he doesn’t think it is a real sport, he will speak on any sport that he feels he can say something intelligent about. From horse racing to MMA, Rome’s analysis is heard by millions across the country every day. His following (the clones) relish the day when Rome lets them loose in “the jungle”, but if you don’t step your game up, he will banish you from the spotlight of jungle takes.

Jim is not afraid to get under some people’s skin either.

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L.T. to the Saints?

imagesI have never intentionally disagreed with Drew Brees on anything, not even when he chose to get paid and leave San Diego for New Orleans. How could I? He brought my beloved Bolts out of the hell of obscurity and helped build the platform for success that the Chargers currently reside on. Brees is also an incredibly likable guy who goes out of his way to work in the community and give back to the people who support him so much. Despite all this, he has taken a stand on the LaDanian Tomlinson contract dilemma, making me think twice about my loyalty to Brees.

San Diego’s main sports radio station, 1090 AM, interviewed Brees recently and the subject of Tomlinson’s contract impasse came up with a few notable quotes that I will link here, but not talk about as I have my own venting to do. Brees not only said he wants Tomlinson to end up a Saint, but he also had the nerve to say that one of the greatest running backs in NFL history should not take a pay cut in order to remain with the Chargers. Boooooo Brees!

Obviously, I know the quality of character and player that Tomlinson brings to any team as Charger fans across the world have been cherishing his greatness since 2001. Any team would be extremely lucky to have him as a starting running back. There in lies the problem. Without Tomlinson, the Chargers do not have a starting running back and if you think Sproles can carry it 30 times a game along with returning kicks, you’re insane. So, the fact remains that the Chargers need him strictly for personnel reasons and I do not want to see a second round draft pick become our starting running back when we already have one of the best in the game in LT.

Now, back to Brees and all his wisdom. Brees says LT shouldn’t take a pay cut if he wants to stay in San Diego, but that is the only way it is going to happen. Brees is right because a talented running back with Tomlinson’s credentials should not be given less money for any reason, and that just might be what ends the relationship with him and the Chargers. Despite the decreasing nature of LT’s numbers, when he is healthy, he looks willing and able to juke out defensive players with a style and ease that cannot be duplicated. Also, take into account the injuries that he has racked up the last two years and it is no wonder his numbers are down. Let’s just hope Tomlinson did not hear the interview for himself, or Charger fans may resent Brees a little.

Chargers GM A.J. Smith has supposedly given Tomlinson his final offer and according to LT’s mom, it just ain’t good enough. This is not surprising due to the hard-nosed nature of Smith and some of the things he says. But, something has to give here as even LT knows he can’t leave San Diego without winning a championship, and he sure as hell won’t do it in New Orleans any time soon, given the rising stars of some of the NFC’s elite teams. The Chargers have a lot to offer Tomlinson, like a good overall team, coaching staff, great fans and weather. What they can’t offer him is money and he may want some of that. According to’s Mike Florio, the new contract for LT has to be completed by March 30 which is when the players report for the voluntary offseason workout program.

Drew Brees will always be one of my favorite Chargers and NFL players in general, but he brought a few things to light in this interview that could be damaging for the hardest of hard-core Charger fans out there.

Please stay LT.


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Sound Tribe Sector Awesome…

picture-1Sound Tribe Sector Awesome
Electronic Jam Band Destroys SF
(Live Music, Shows, Concerts)

(San Francisco, CA – 2/28/09) – Any band that locks down the Fillmore four nights in a row better have some serious fucking talent and a hell of a following. Turns out the Santa Cruz-based, 5-piece electronic jam band STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) most definitely has both and they’ve managed to sell out the Fillmore from 2/26/09 thru 3/1/09 with ease. Apparently the “Sector 9” is a reference to the current era of the Mayan calendar, so you know these guys are gangster. I’ve know about them for a couple years now (at least the name), but didn’t listen to their shit until about a month ago. I assumed it was just a few DJs and nothing that unique, but turns out I was utterly fucking wrong. Their music is a mix of instrumental rock with analog-generated sound, making it difficult to classify. The band consists of a guitarist & bassist (who both use a midi keyboard at times), a percussionist, a keyboardist, and a ridiculously sik drummer named Zach Velmer. When it all comes together the result is captivating to say the least and manages to fuse elements of rock, jazz, funk, reggae, drum & bass, and hip-hop into one intense concoction for the ears. This combined with a seasoned lighting technician makes for a surreal experience. Each member possesses much talent, but Velmer is the most impressive by far. Anyone who can pull off live drum & bass like this dude is a fucking god. I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket to opening night before it sold out and it might have been the best $26 I have ever spent. Seeing these dudes live is definitely an experience not to be missed. I went with my cousin, a proud affiliate of the STS9 cult, and I think I may have been recruited myself. We ran into a handful of his friends, some of which he said he only knows from other STS9 shows, which created a vibe like everyone knew each other. I definitely felt like the new kid who just lost his virginity; it was awesome…

Get Sectored or Go Home

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