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G -Nogg: Better Than Presents

It doesn’t take much to get yours truly in the holiday spirit, but I have encountered the perfect companion for anyone in need of holiday cheer. G – Nogg!! Named for the gangsta feeling you get when you sip the sweet blend of egg nog and brandy, this libation literally warns your stomach like you were packin’ heat. Not that I would recommend to anyone the idea of going Plaxico and actually taking a gun out in public, but you get the point. The drink itself can be found at any self-respecting residence in which drinking alcohol is commonplace and holiday cheer is plentiful. If you are unable to find a suitable residence for the consumption of Jah’s finest creation, I’m sure your local pub will hook it up. Peace, love and Jah bless. – Gramps



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The Juice is no longer Loose!!

images-11OJ’s freedom has finally been stripped away by a Las Vegas judge who was not impressed by the Juice’s claim that he never intended to commit a crime when he barged into a Vegas hotel room with five men and a gun. Was it vindication for the 1995 acquittal that saw the Juice set loose after one of the most dramatic and notorious trials ever? Maybe, but nobody is ever gonna prove that the judge and jury were on a mission to put the Juice away. The fact remains that OJ did commit a crime and just about everyone I know is well aware that one cannot bust into somebody else’s residence armed and take stuff from said residence. It’s called robbery and you can bet that OJ knew what he was doing that day in Vegas.

According to ESPN, OJ’s sentence ranges from 9 – 33 years, with an apparent 5 years till he’s up for parole. Not quite a murder sentence but it has made some of the Goldman family and others happy to see him locked up for a while. The relatives of Ron Goldman, one of the murder victims in 1994, claimed their relentless pursuit of the $33.5 million that OJ owes them drove him to commit the robbery. The money has been owed since a 1997 verdict which found OJ liable for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

The guy really doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy especially when he tried to sell a book called, “If I did it”, a hypothetical story of the murders in his eyes as if he had really stabbed the two victims to death in 1994. Ridiculous as it sounds, this book almost hit the shelves. It seems like a miracle to me that somebody actually thought about it and stopped publishing the book while claiming to destroy 400,000 copies. Apparently, they got to about 399,998 cuz one copy was reviewed by Vanity Fair while another sold for $65,000 on eBay. You can’t make this shit up.

Personally, I adored the Juice as a football player and when I was 10 read an autobiography he wrote. In the book, he talks about growing up in the hood and getting into all kinds of trouble, so I wasn’t all that surprised when he became a murderer. Unfortunately, his status as role model and hero faded as he became the prime suspect in his ex-wife’s slaying. I am truly glad he received the sentence he was handed and hope he learns something from all this….that you can’t get away with murder robbery.

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