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Kerouac, Lopan, Murs and the Wildcat Offense

I love reading Jack Kerouac for the simple reason that he doesn’t use traditional writing methods to convey thoughts. His stream of consciousness style along with the fact that the guys was sober for about 2 hours a day make his books some of the most interesting reads to this day. The beats live on.

The day that I can watch “Big Trouble in Little China” and not want to cruise the alleys of Chinatown looking for the Lords of Death is the day I have lost all reason to live. I still have voices in my head telling me that the Wing Kong Exchange actually exists and that Gracie Law is still in her late twenties looking for David Lopan. It may be true that Chinese black magic does not exist, but in my world, I’d rather believe that it does. Sorcery, magic, and the reality that “his flesh and bones become atomized and he becomes a dream.” That’s what I’m all about.

Murs dropped a great new album called, “Murs for President” and here is my thoughts on it… I think it is pretty much a collection of bangers with a few droplets of pop/mainstream bullshit mixed in. Something I did not realize when purchasing this album, is that Warner Bros. released it, officially dropping Murs from the high ranks of the “Underground” and elevating him to “MTV” status. I really don’t care anymore. I don’t watch MTV and I encourage anybody not to. I also do not talk about the “Underground” scene as anything more than a historic time period where hip hop was celebrated without any outside distractions. These days nobody is truly “Underground”, but they can be “Independent” or “Mainstream” and still be respected by any music lover. The lines have been blurred and so Murs felt the need to make his music more accessible to the world and I will not judge him for it. There was a time when I would get all Lopan on you if you tried to call a hip hop group “underground” when they were on a major label and had a video out. Now a days, I just don’t care.

The stupid “Wildcat” offense that the Miami Dolphins have used to embarrass the two teams that met in last year’s AFC Championship game is actually fun to watch. It just so happens that they made my Chargers look like a bunch of teenage girls at a high school field hockey game and I am not happy about it. I enjoy watching different formations, clever play calls, and unique running plays that catch traditional defenses off guard, but not against my team. The only solace I got from last weekend’s horrendous game in Miami is that Roger Goodell fined Ronnie Brown for orchestrating that stupid “Cupid” dance he performed after scoring off a “Wildcat” run. Whoever thought that dance would be a hit was right I guess, but it looks pretty damn stupid to me.

Renting and venting from the bay where Blue Angels fly and people apparently like to kill themselves.



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“You’re Alright Larusso”

I can’t imagine somebody actually saying outloud,”Yo, that movie sucked”, when talking about John Avildsen’s “The Karate Kid”, but I am sure it’s happened.  Personally, I grew up watching that movie like it was the only movie we had.  I think I’ve seen it seriously a thousand times.  Actually it was part of my father’s ‘old’ collection on beta including titles such as, “The Boy Who Could Fly”, “North Shore”, “Lucas”, and “Top Gun”.  Classic films from the decade known only as “The 80’s”, that should be recognized for the greatness they so closely resemble.  I mention this only because, when I showed “The Karate Kid” to my girl for her first time, she couldn’t stop talking about how good it was.  I had never considered if it was a good movie because I know every word and have always thought it was great.  I think back to when the movie first came out, and I can’t remember because I was three, but I imagined it started many conversations in bars that year.  Even if people didn’t think it was the greatest movie they ever saw, it still has a certain value to it that will last forever.  I could not believe my girl liked it, because she generally doesn’t like 80’s movies that I watch.  It shows how truly amazing “The Karate Kid” is as film that impacts people’s lives even 24 years after it was made.  My brother-in-law still quotes Mr. Miyagi almost on a daily basis.  So, give it up for Daniel Larusso and download “The Karate Kid” for your enjoyment.  Bonzai!!  Bonzai!!


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Beautiful Losers…

Beautiful Losers…
Inspiration, Motivation, & Creation


San Francisco, CA, 9/5/08 – Circa 2004 I attended an exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF entitled, Beautiful Losers, which featured work from a diverse group of visual artists who spawned from street culture, specifically, the subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti, punk, and hip-hop in urban America. With my roots in the Southern California skateboarding culture, supplemented by a couple years of living in hyper-diverse SF, this exhibit was strangely familiar and of course, inspirational. Fast forward to September 2008, I’m walking down the street and as I’m passing a small independent movie house, I see a poster for the Beautiful Losers film. Stoked to see the familiar aesthetic and intrigued by what the film may convey, I make sure to attend opening night. As expected, the film was a documentary about the artists, their lives, and the art they create, but it was much more than just that. Beautiful Losers was a film about life, told by some of the most interesting and honest losers I’ve come across, including Aaron Rose, Ed Templeton, Shepard Fairey, and Stephen Powers just to name a few. It was about a cluster of friends from all different backgrounds coming together and creating something bigger than themselves and unique to the world around them. It was about growing up knowing you don’t fit the norm, embracing it, and telling everyone else to fuck off. Put it this way, the word “eccentric” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, so gather all the beautiful losers you know and check it out…

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