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picture-1Sound Tribe Sector Awesome
Electronic Jam Band Destroys SF
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(San Francisco, CA – 2/28/09) – Any band that locks down the Fillmore four nights in a row better have some serious fucking talent and a hell of a following. Turns out the Santa Cruz-based, 5-piece electronic jam band STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) most definitely has both and they’ve managed to sell out the Fillmore from 2/26/09 thru 3/1/09 with ease. Apparently the “Sector 9” is a reference to the current era of the Mayan calendar, so you know these guys are gangster. I’ve know about them for a couple years now (at least the name), but didn’t listen to their shit until about a month ago. I assumed it was just a few DJs and nothing that unique, but turns out I was utterly fucking wrong. Their music is a mix of instrumental rock with analog-generated sound, making it difficult to classify. The band consists of a guitarist & bassist (who both use a midi keyboard at times), a percussionist, a keyboardist, and a ridiculously sik drummer named Zach Velmer. When it all comes together the result is captivating to say the least and manages to fuse elements of rock, jazz, funk, reggae, drum & bass, and hip-hop into one intense concoction for the ears. This combined with a seasoned lighting technician makes for a surreal experience. Each member possesses much talent, but Velmer is the most impressive by far. Anyone who can pull off live drum & bass like this dude is a fucking god. I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket to opening night before it sold out and it might have been the best $26 I have ever spent. Seeing these dudes live is definitely an experience not to be missed. I went with my cousin, a proud affiliate of the STS9 cult, and I think I may have been recruited myself. We ran into a handful of his friends, some of which he said he only knows from other STS9 shows, which created a vibe like everyone knew each other. I definitely felt like the new kid who just lost his virginity; it was awesome…

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