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You and me hit by a touch of white evil
(Environment, Health)
picture-11I’m all for the douchebags who propose to their girlfriends with a huge heart and arrow in the sky, but when it comes down to breathing in toxic chemicals against my will, I draw the line at whip-its. I’ll booze on Marina rooftops acting like I used to be in a frat for Fleet Week, but as soon as you tell me that government officials are directing the release of biological agents for purposes of geoengineering or population control, I’m fucking outta there. So what am I talking about? Chemtrails my friends, chemtrails. Aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in common forms of aerial spraying such as crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting. The existence of these so-called chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by federal agencies for over a decade, and at the moment is still considered a conspiracy theory. Reasons given by those who believe in the theory vary between military weapons testing, chemical population control, or measures to mitigate global warming, which are all sketchy to say the least. Supposedly chemtrails can be differentiated from normal exhaust streams if they persist in the sky for hours and/or produce grid-like patterns that eventually blend to form large government death clouds. Other features may include the presence of color or high concentrations of trails in a single area. I could see the theory about trying to mitigate global warming proving out, although it would be hard to believe that the government would deliberately poison it’s own civilians. But wait, how many fast food joints, liquor and gun stores did you see on your way to work today? Either way, the next time you’re laying in the grass, sucking down a whip-it and calling out pictures in the clouds, you might want to hold your breath; Beck could be on to something…

Get Chemtrailed or Go Home


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  1. Just another reason to live your life in a paranoid and worried state for the rest of your existence.

    Comment by Grandpa Scheme | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. gimme more chem!!!!!

    Comment by jb keller | February 2, 2009 | Reply

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