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G -Nogg: Better Than Presents

It doesn’t take much to get yours truly in the holiday spirit, but I have encountered the perfect companion for anyone in need of holiday cheer. G – Nogg!! Named for the gangsta feeling you get when you sip the sweet blend of egg nog and brandy, this libation literally warns your stomach like you were packin’ heat. Not that I would recommend to anyone the idea of going Plaxico and actually taking a gun out in public, but you get the point. The drink itself can be found at any self-respecting residence in which drinking alcohol is commonplace and holiday cheer is plentiful. If you are unable to find a suitable residence for the consumption of Jah’s finest creation, I’m sure your local pub will hook it up. Peace, love and Jah bless. – Gramps



December 27, 2008 Posted by | Recreational Activities | , , , | 4 Comments