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Economy Shmonomy


If I hear one more person use the phrase “…in this economy…” I may have to move to a place that doesn’t have all these economy issues.  A place like Mexico, where the economy is the least of their worries (see: drug war).  Although, you can kind of blame the Mexican Drug War on a poor economy so I guess I can’t move there. 

Maybe I’ll move to Ecuador: live off the land, raise some chickens and swim with the Turtles of the Galapagos Island.  And they even use the American Dollar so I won’t have to be confused by strange-colored currency with pictures of cool looking South American Presidents.  Oh, but even in the beautiful South American Country known for its exporting of Oil, the “bad economy” bug has stung and they’re even going so far as to try and create a new Super Currency (which I’m sure would kick the US’s currencies ass if given the chance).

So where does a discontented American go to escape the rigors of over-exhausted phrases about a depleting economy?  Oh I don’t know, how about a little place I like to call The Middle East.  I know what you’re thinking: “Yo J, ain’t that place in the midst of a war and shit?”  To which I would reply, “Yeah, so.” To which you would probably just walk away and think I was some sort of Jerkoff.

Now hear me out.  I know the place is in total disarray – and their government is so corrupt that Mexico is printing Public Service Announcements which say: The Mexican Government. We’re totally better than Iraq’s – but I bet you 5 bucks nobody is driving around in their Land Rover saying things like, “Yea, I’m heading over to the Bloomingdales sale.  What with this economy I got to hit up all the sales I can these days.” 

Nope.  Not in the Middle East.  They are Economy Cliché Free.  Just check out this recruitment letter from Able Fisher.  And if its real estate you’re after, look no further than beautiful Egypt and Jordan.  So if you need to get in touch with me I’ll be sipping strong coffee and dodging bullets somewhere near Dubai… or maybe Pakistan.


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