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Bock Obama: The Recently Inaugurated Beer of Choice

l_89b9fce380d40793c8fb6918729114e3Bar conversations are generally either one of two things: a serious convo in which two people partake in intellectual discourse while information is being exchanged, or a rumbling and incoherent gathering of words and phrases, most of which don’t make sense. In my experience, there is not much middle ground as any conversation not applicable to the definition stated above will be forgotten within minutes. Sometimes pure genius arises from these eloquent bar-talks, where you are enlightened by another or you find someone more interesting than the cute bartender. Other times nothing comes of it because the drinks became easier to drink and the distractions of flesh deterred your attention. My point is, that if we don’t look out for those stimulating conversations and intimate discussions that dive bars provide, then we have all failed to profit from our money-burning habit. How do you profit from drinking? You come up with amazing inventions and ideas that only a light buzz could provide.

On a special Monday night at the Tee-Off in which pure genius was encountered during a bar conversation comprising of nothing more than alcohol-influenced banter and a little bullshit, a light bulb in my buddy’s head turned on and produced a great idea. The idea was to open a brewery/bar/pub that names its microbrews after current and ex-presidents. The idea is unique and interesting, but is obviously extremely biased and only reflects the feelings of a small number of people and thus would alienate a ton of beer drinkers making it hard to sell in all places. A bit far-fetched, but a good idea nonetheless. Anyway, about three people not including myself sat around for an hour coming up with interesting names for beers. Some notables were… “Hillary Clinton: Extra Bitter”, “Bock: Obama”, “Bush’s Black Gold Porter”, “Gitmo Toture Ale” etc. Some day, when we choose to erase those party lines and realize that divisions only make progress harder, we will whip up these ales and everyone will enjoy a beer that mocks the history of the presidency while refreshing our palates all at the same time. Yummy.



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McCain Has a Bun in the Oven?

Not literally, but now that McCain’s newly acquired running mate’s 17 y/o daughter does, are the reds screwed? At first glance it seems so, as negative publicity always comes with premature motherhood. Plus, who wouldn’t question the mother of a girl who gets knocked up before she can even vote? I know this kinda stuff happens all the time, but for it to happen to a presidential nominee right before the biggest election ever seems like horrible timing. Or maybe it’s perfectly planned. According to the Today show, sources say that McCain was well aware of the youngster’s pregnancy before he chose his veep. This tells me that it was all part of his scheme to appeal to the common woman and steal valuable votes from Barack. The decision to choose a woman looked desparate at first, as female republicans who were on the fence are now more likely to vote McCain purely because he has a woman next to him. People aren’t that dumb, but now he locked up those voters because they relate to the struggles of motherhood. As scandalous as this guy may be, I have to give him snaps as this makes the most interesting election to date much more interesting.

– Gramps

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