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Football Fury

I’ve been trying to control my urge to write about football each and every day, but something tells me that if I hold in all my urges, someday I will be smitten. Hence, I write about the oblong shaped ball or object, and how it is possible to have such a unique item affect one’s life.

Here it goes:

Pacman got into a fight with a Dallas Cowboy-owned security guard who was apparently hired to watch (babysit) Jones. The scuffle is soon to be headline news in what has become the most dramatic career of a NFL player since I have been born (1981). It is hardly surprising that someone with his lack of giving a fuck could ignore his probationary measures and risk his NFL status once again. Good luck buddy.

How ’bout them Chargers? They look like a bunch of Folsom Street Fair – going, chap – wearing, gender-neutral people waiting for lightning to strike them. There is no charge in this team. The only thing keeping me going is knowing they still have the same players that got us to that AFC Championship game last year, so they can’t be complete losers. You know that the original logo for the Chargers was a horse and right now that is fitting cuz the bolts look like Barbaro at Preakness.

Good luck bolts.

God, that felt really, really good.

Here’s to TO whining and giving thanks to god, bad teams winning something, and cheerleaders. Peace, love and football.



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  1. I’m still not sure if the Chargers know that the season has begun. LDT looks like he’s still in Pre-Season mode and I’m not sure if they realize Antonio Gates is actually still on the team. Great teams use their TightEnds. For Example: Dallas (J Witten); Indy (D Clark; Some-Other-Dude); 49ers (Back in the Day of course B Jones); Charge (A Gates = wins). Phil needs to use his strengths and right now it’s not giving the ball to LDT to run up the middle when said middle is clogged… I’m pissed.

    Comment by J-Bird | October 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. I think you need a follow-up to this in light of the Sunday night slaughter…???

    Comment by Scheme-On | October 14, 2008 | Reply

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