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The Duality of Humanity…

The Duality of Humanity…
Shepard Fairey @ White Walls


San Francisco, CA, 9/13/08 – I remember skating around Encinitas when I was like 13 seeing this crazy “Obey” image around town and being so confused about what it was and what it meant. In our small North County San Diego beach town, besides the rampant surfing and skateboarding culture, there wasn’t much else that we were exposed to. I assumed that it was a new skate company or something, but I remember someone telling me I was wrong and that is was some kind of social experiment, which totally blew my mind, but I still didn’t fully understand. 11 years and a whole lot of experience later I’m blessed with the opportunity to check out Shepard Fairey’s “Duality of Humanity” show at White Walls in SF, which was ridiculously impressive to say the least. Besides the incredible aesthetic talent that this dude possesses for collage, mixed media, screen printing, etc…, the overarching messages surrounding consumerism, the environment, war, and politics, displayed mainly through altered propaganda posters, are extremely powerful and fascinating. The genesis of this street art mastermind began in 1989 when his Andre the Giant sticker bombing missions in Providence, Rhode Island started a nervous societal buzz and sparked an idea about exploiting the sociological implications of art in public… and the rest is history. Fairey’s passion and determination for using graffiti, mainly postering, as a means of communication has brought him around the world and his mark has been left in almost every major city out there. With so many contemporary/urban artists roaming the streets these days, the fact that Fairey has been able to truly set himself apart is an enormous accomplishment and makes you wonder where he might take it from here. There’s talk that with the upcoming election and potential for widespread change, a lot of Fairey’s work has taken an optimistic turn, which is evident in one of his more recent and widely distributed pieces that depicts an image of Barak Obama with the word “Hope” underneath. Fairey says that the Duality of Humanity show addresses the “human struggle between good and bad, hope and fear,” and come November 4th, hopefully the duality of this country won’t change Fairey’s optimistic tune…

Get Obeyed or Go Home…


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  1. I really didn’t know that much about the Obey company, but now i think i know enough that i can really get a sense of the meaning behind his art work. I actually have recently seen a girl wearing one of the Obama shirts that you mentioned. I asked her who made the shirt and she told me that it was Obey. After that i thought about all the other kinds of posters and graffiti art that Obey has done. I see Obey as a Liberal/marxist-Leninist kind of company. Which in my opinion is what we need more of in our society. We need more perspectives today, even if they are sort of extreme. We need to have someone once in awhile stir things up. I think that Fairey is showing the public that we still can express our right of “freedom of speech”, even when he is doing it with art.

    Comment by BoltPride | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. So, now that shep’s show is in town my life is pretty much motivated every morning. fresh “andre” throw ups every day and plenty of reason to get outside and away from Spore (best game ever. you will pee yourself, if not because it is amazing but because you won’t want to leave your computer for drainage). This morning i get up, go to the gym, drink a muscle milk or three while one handing some 12lb dumbells, then head home. on the way back, fresh “andre” right next to my building but on closer inspection someone wrote “Obey, find at your nearest wal-mart.” wow, your clever dude. shit like that just goes to show how much an impact shephard fairey, his way of thinking, and his art has been able to have on the people. I suggest you do a lil research and look up “splasher” or “splasher obey” etc. and see just how much his art can motivate people to the extreme. his art is more than just a collage on canvas, it evokes emotions and feelings out of people which in essance is part of the canvas. so although his art was defaced by some goon, the goon diddnt realize that without him it is not a shephard fairey piece. thanks guy, deface away.

    insert catchy slogan here:__________

    Comment by ha66ard | September 19, 2008 | Reply

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