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Do I Really Care About Football?

The answer is yes, very much yes. I have to admit though, I am truly not the fan that some people in this country are (see photo to left). Apparently, some folks up there in Green Bay, Wisconsin feel that football is truly a sacred part of their lives and that anyone who betrays another in this precious game should be smitten to hell. When I first started pondering why some football fans are absolutely insane, the answer seemed simple. Geography. I mean, what else are you gonna do in Pittsburgh or Green Bay? Go play in the snow while its ten below? Go to a Pirates or Brewers game? I’m sure a lot of people actually do the latter, but you get the point. These are cities in states that are boring and don’t have a whole lot going on besides football and bad weather. You ever been to a Chargers game? Sometimes there’s more fans for the opposing team than for the San Diego team. Why? Because everyone is at the beach or a pool lounging around drinking beer and playing ping pong waiting for reality to strike them. It is no coincidence why San Diego fans are some of weakest in the game. Packer fans travel everywhere with their team and I give them props for it, but easy on the “God won’t leave for the Jets” shit, cuz that is way outta hand. How about Raider fans? F-ing stupid. I didn’t realize it until recently, but a lot of people don’t like the Raiders simply cuz of their retarded fans, and I don’t blame them. Wait for Halloween to dress up as a pirate from the movie, Gladiator. Come on. I digress. Fans are truly the reason some sports get so much hype and I am all for that. Tattoos and fights and masks and face painting. It’s all great fun. Speaking of tattoos, back in January, Propaganda Tattoo held a free “bolt” tattoo day for any die hard Charger fan that needs a bolt imbedded into their skin with ink. Awesome. Anyway, football is here my friends and we should all just sit back and enjoy since this is the greatest five months of every year.



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  1. Weird, I never thought about it that way, but it’s true… people in SD are too busy surfing to work and taking down pumpkin snaps out of 6 foot JBDs to really become hardcore fans. I think the other part of it is that SD is a relatively new city and the San Diego Chargers didn’t form until ~1960, where the NFL started in the early 1920s. We just don’t have the history. Regarding the hardcore fans with tats, I will never forget the day Stamp and I were at a Chargers game in SD against Jacksonville I believe and a gnarly brawl broke out in the stands below us where one guy had to be taken out on a stretcher and the dude knocking heads was this Mexican guy with his shit off and he had Charger bolts tattooed across both of his shoulders just like he was wearing a jersey… intense…

    Comment by Scheme-On | September 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. I would have to agree to disagree with San Diego Fans. I think more recently after we made it to the playoffs two years ago. ( of course losing to the Patriots at home) I started to see more and more people jumping on the “band wagon”. Even people in L.A and Orange County are doing it. I mean besides what else do we get to look forward to… the Padres losing 100 games, or… wait thats right, we don’t have any other professional teams… But yes there is surfing and skating… and of course hitting that 6 or more like 4 Foot JBD that gets you so mutated that you can’t get off the couch…. But man does it make the Charger game more exciting. And to comment on these people getting Charger Bolt tats. I say “way to go, and i will be joining the club once the Chargers win the Super Bowl.” you can bet on that. well with that said i say SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS, CHARGE!!!! and any Broncos fans you got lucky as fuk. the score was really Chargers 38-Broncos 24- Refs 15.

    Comment by BoltPride | September 18, 2008 | Reply

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