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Bang the Drum 2008…

Bang the Drum 2008…
Sunshine, Tall Cans, & Canibus


San Francisco, CA, 8/31/08 – Now I’m all about the environment, going green, fighting global warming, saving the world and all that shit, but damn, it has been so fucking nice and warm in SF the past week I’m thinking about opening up my own industrial processing plant and letting fossil fuels and oil just spew out freely into an ocean full of baby seals. Lounging in the grass under the warm SF sun was nice. Lounging in the grass under the warm SF sun with tall cans was even nicer. But lounging in the grass under the warm SF sun with tall cans, watching Canibus and Das EFX live for free was fucking epic! This was what the better part of Sunday afternoon consisted of for me and roughly 500 other ExxonMobil CEOs who happen to be hip-hop heads??? Weird. This splendid event was brought to us by Kevvy Kev, a legendary bay area hip-hop DJ and host of the world’s longest continuously running hip-hop radio show, The Drum. To celebrate 24 years on the air, Kevvy Kev hosted the free Bang the Drum concert, featuring 24 DJs and 24 MCs (which included Canibus & Das EFX) for an afternoon of bliss at Peacock Meadow in Golden Gate Park. I’m definitely not the hip-hop head that I used to be, let’s say… circa 2001, and I’ve definitely received plenty of shit for it from Gramps and Danamacha alike, but I have to say, sunshine, tall cans, & Canibus go together like ecstasy and Radiohead…

Go Green or Go Home…


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  1. or like…mushrooms and manu chao.

    Comment by Gramps | September 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. sounds like a good fuckin’ time

    Comment by Monroe | September 3, 2008 | Reply

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